BEST BALTIC Hotel Palanga

Places to visit Palanga

•    Birutė park
Specialists acknowledge that the Lithuanian parks are in no way inferior to the famous English parks. Among them the Palanga Birutė Park is one of the most beautiful, well preserved and taken good care of parks not only in Lithuania, but in the whole Eastern Europe.

•    Amber Museum
The Representative Palanga counts Tyshkevich palace was designed by the German architect Franz Schwechten. In 1963 here was created Palanga Amber Museum – for sure, Palanga’s treasure and decoration. The Amber Museum is a subdivision of Lithuanian Art Museum.

•    Birutė’s hill
Palanga Birutė’s hill is situated in the counts Tyshkevich’s estate park. This is the highest (over 200 m high) relict dune. Since XVII c. it has been marked on all the major maps. 

•    Amber workshop
Amber has been processed on the present Lithuanian territory as early as in the III millennium B.C. In 2003 open for visitors amber workshops were open in Palanga, here members of Palanga amber masters’ guild demonstrate amber procession technology, the visitors can also try their hand at it.

•    Sea pier and J. Basanavičiaus street
It was constructed in 1884 by count J. Tyshkevich wishing to revive the Palanga port. Since 1892 the pier became the most popular walking place. People come here to listen to the sea noise, the seagull clang, and watching the sunset has long ago became a tradition.

•    The Most Holy Virgin Mary’s Ascension Church in Palanga
The first small wooden catholic church was built in Palanga in 1540 thanks to Ona Jogailaite’s care. In 1897 due to efforts of then prior prelate Juozapas Kniukšta construction of a new brick neogothic church designed by a Swedish architect K. Strandmann was started next to the old wooden church. In the church which is more than 100 years old the pulpit and three skilfully made altars decorated with bas-relief are made of marble brought from France.

•    Kurhaus
The first hotel and restaurant called Kurhaus was an attraction in the center of Palanga for more than one hundred years and became the symbol of the resort

Other places:
•    Dog museum
•    The sculpture park
•    Church of the Iverskaya Icon of the Mother of God in Palanga
•    The fisherman’s daughters (Sventoji)
•    Sculpture Park – “The Stone Age" 
•    Church of the Most Holy Virgin Mary – Star of the Seas (Sventoji)

Active leisure:
•    Rent of bicycles, velomobiles, scooters, electric cars
•    Palanga tennis club
•    Horse riding “Kaubojus”
•    Dinosour park
•    Baltic mythology park
•    ......